#589 – Running Late


Hi folks. I’m going to be brief because we had really bad problems with our microphone before our show, and that delayed our start over an hour, and we were going to run a half hour late anyway, and then we added another full set, and well … we’re going to be on the radio until midnight, so this is what you get.

Today’s been a good day, although I still haven’t heard anything on my algebra grades. Hopefully sometime Monday.

Our Aussie friend and fellow DJ is visiting for a few days, so I might be kinda short with the posts while he’s here. Hope you understand.

Under the Radar


I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve had a house guest. Wanted to check in long enough to at least let my loyal readers know why I’ve seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

It’s a good visit so far and I’m establishing boundaries when I want some alone time, which is a step in the right direction for me. I’ve enjoyed the company and the occasional alone time equally.

Our guest will be here another week so I’m likely going to be flying under the radar, reading blogs when I can and posting when I’m able.

Talk to you more when I can.