And Then There Were Two


The deed is done. We have a new cat.

Thanks to the extremely generous contributions that our friends have so graciously provided to us, we were able to get Stormy Cat to the vet and get his leg looked at. The most challenging part of getting him in the carrier was getting the thing to shut (we set him down in it and put the top half of the carrier down over him and the door easily enough, but then struggled to get all the latches and bolts that secure it into place) and he was singing us the song of his people loudly all the way to the vet. They got him in and gave him a once over, and gave us the results – no broken bones! He had instead suffered a bite of some sort that had apparently gotten very infected, to the point that he couldn’t bear to put any weight on his leg at all. So they shaved the site of the wound, gave him a very strong, long-lasting, one-dose antibiotic, tested him for fleas and worms (yes to the fleas, no to the worms), treated him for the fleas, gave him his rabies vaccine, and did a couple of other diagnostic things to check him out. We also got him chipped, so if he does manage to get out of the house and someone picks him up he’ll have an owner of record. He still needs to get his distemper and feline leukemia shots but it was recommended that we bring him back for those once he’d healed up. He was amazing at the vet’s office, hardly giving them any trouble at all throughout the whole procedure. At the end of the visit, it turned out that we’d manage to raise enough to cover his vet bill, thankfully.

He weighs about what Two Socks, our other cat, weighs, despite being about half again as big – he’s pretty lean, where Two Socks is a little on the chubby side. They estimate he’s about 4 years old, which is about a year ahead of Two Socks.

We got him home and had planned on having him stay in the spare bedroom for the day to give him a chance to recover, but the first time that we opened the door to get out he shot out and went under the bed. That was this morning, and he’s still under there at the time of this writing, so we hope he’ll come around tomorrow and come out for some food and water.

I’ll keep you posted on his progress as time passes, and as we make the attempt to convert him from being an outdoor to an indoor cat. I think that urge to go outside is going to be a very strong one for him, since he’s lived outside for the close to three years we’ve been in this complex, and he’s surely going to want to return to familiar territory.

Because we’ve met our objective without reaching our fundraising goal, we shut down the campaign. Thank you again to those that donated and helped spread the word about Stormy Cat.

And just like that, our little family has grown by one.

We Need Your Help


I wrote a couple days ago about the stray that we’ve befriended needing to go to the vet. We’ve finally gotten a good look at his leg and it appears to have a slight dent in it where there shouldn’t be a joint, so we’re leaning much more strongly to it being broken, which means that he absolutely needs veterinary care sooner rather than later.

We’ve called around to several vets today to get estimates of what his bill would be, and every estimate is considerably higher than what we can afford.

We’ve worked hard to gain his trust over the past few years, and he’s still extremely skittish around everyone else, so we’re wanting to take him in officially where he’s already comfortable and trusting of people rather than turning him over to be rehabilitated and put out for adoption.

It’s important to note that we can handle his everyday expenses and vet bills, it’s just this initial cost of mending a potentially broken leg that’s an obstacle.

We’ve created a GoGetFunding account to try and raise the money for his care. I normally wouldn’t resort to asking for financial help on my blog, but we’ve got a very special relationship with this cat and we’d hate to see him continue to suffer or start over with the long process of trusting a new family. If you can help, you can donate here. If you can’t, you can still help by spreading the news about Stormy Cat, as we’ve come to call him.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide with this. We want him to get well soon.

Ocular Migraines and Cats


Today is going to be quick and dirty, since I’m trying to recover from an ocular migraine that snuck in early this afternoon. The medication is s-l-o-w-l-y working to alleviate the symptoms, but not fast enough for my tastes, so WYSIWYG when it comes to today’s post. Sorry about that. Tomorrow is going to be longer, I promise. (I hope. I was planning to prep tomorrow’s post today, and that’s gone out the window now, so we’ll see.)

We may be taking the outdoor kitty to the vet, which will more or less officially make him ours. He’s got some sort of swelling in his right front leg, and he’s barely putting any weight on it at all, so we’re awfully concerned about what’s going on. We’re going to keep an eye on him over the next day or so and see if we need to take him in. If we do, we’re going to need to buy a carrier for him – he’s a fairly big cat, and he won’t fit comfortably in the one we have for Two Socks. The former downstairs neighbors might be devastated to hear that we’re laying claim to yet another cat they want, but we can’t really help that – we’re not going to halfway care for the cat if we officially adopt him, and we’re not going to let him suffer for long without doing something about it, and we certainly aren’t going to invest in getting him into the vet and giving him a thorough once over with the intent of just handing him over once they decide on coming back to claim him. Problem with that is, he’s an outdoor kitty at heart and it would be the easiest thing to just come pick him up at some point without any sort of notice, regardless of whether we’ve got him tagged or chipped or what-have-you.

Anyway, migraine says stop for now. More on the migraine and the cat tomorrow.

The Vet Visit


This morning my wife and I woke up earlier than usual, but later than planned, and scrambled to get ready, make coffee, and get the cat into her carrier (much more of a fight than usual this time around) in order to take my wife to work and the cat to the vet.

The cat’s been experiencing weeping and discharge from both eyes, and she’s been rubbing at her right one especially often, so between a sick kitty and being overdue for her annual checkup, it was time to get her in.

I got to the vet about a half-hour early, and they got me in a room almost immediately, but not before a lovely little tabby named Sebastian hopped up on the bench I was seated at, got scritches, then flopped against my leg so I could pet his belly. Our vet has a good number of office cats and they’re all super affectionate. Most of them have chronic illnesses of some kind, or are just there temporarily looking for a home. Sebastian is a delightful little kitty and I have a new buddy at the vet’s office.

They took inventory of what we needed to do – annual checkup, rabies shot, look after the eyes, mild sedation, and a nail trimming, which our vet does free of charge during the week as an alternative to declawing, which they refuse to do (and rightfully so). I was back out in the lobby with Sebastian while waiting for them to give our cat the once over in the back. Within about fifteen minutes we got word on what was going on – our poor little kitty has an eye infection going in both eyes, so we were sent home with eye drops, and dental treats to help with the very mild case of tartar that she’s got going. They gave her her first dose of drops at the vet, with instructions to do the drops three times daily until otherwise instructed.

I got her home, relaxed for a few hours, then went to pick up my wife at work for lunch. It took both of us some five minutes to finally get the second dose of drops in her eyes, so that’s going to be a chore that we’re going to have to figure our way around for the next few days.

As far as how I handled the change in scheduling and the general adulting of the day, I did fairly well. I was nervous about the vet visit, but handled it pretty well – better than the cat did, to be honest. This is more assertiveness that my therapist wants me to exercise, and I was glad for the opportunity, even though I wasn’t looking forward to the trip, nor did I like the reason for it.

Right now our cat is passed out smooth in the bed that we’ve put between us on the couch, so in her eyes all is forgiven and forgotten – at least, that is, until time for the next dose of drops.

Another Sleepless Night


I went to bed around midnight, read until about 1 am, then tossed and turned until about 3. I got up and opened the computer for a few minutes, not really doing much of anything, until I got sleepy around 4 and went to lie back down. I finally drifted off about 4:30 or so. I woke up around 10:30 or so to get on the heating pad, and dozed back off for another couple hours, finally waking up for good around 12:30.

I don’t think that it was the new mask that was doing this to me – it felt more natural than the old mask did and it was much quieter than it was in the fitting. Maybe I was just excited to have the thing, I don’t know. All I know is that I just could not shut my brain down.

I hate nights like that. They throw me off for the whole of the next day, and I can’t really afford to be thrown off that much today, since it’s a show day and I have a deadline to be on the air with a programmed show. Fortunately, I’m somewhat ahead of schedule with my daily checklist, so there’s that. There’s just not going to be that much time that I can devote to leisure and socializing outside of my interactions with my audience during the show. My wife and I are up at 6:30 am tomorrow morning to get the cat to the vet. She’s got a problem with discharge coming from her eyes, plus she’s way overdue for her annual checkup. It’s going to be an early night tonight.

Strangely enough, I feel fairly confident that I can handle the changes in the schedule (my wife’s work schedule is changing for the day to accommodate the vet visit) – that is, assuming there’s coffee in the morning. Not sure I would have been able to handle the change this easily even three months ago. So … progress?

Here’s hoping the rest of the day goes smoothly.