#587 – The Road to Hell


… is paved with good intentions.

Today was my first day since August that I didn’t feel like I had any obligations, and my body reacted strongly to the feeling by keeping me in bed until mid-afternoon. I cancelled my radio show, I went out to eat with my wife, I went for coffee and ice cream afterwards, and the rest of the day I’ve been avoiding anything resembling responsibility like the plague.

My mind, however, was not completely on board with this plan. I spent the majority of the afternoon and early evening feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing something. I took a dinner date to distract me from that, so as the evening progressed the feeling went away.

So that’s why the road to hell is paved with good intentions – I was going to write today about everything I’ve been up to and instead I’m putting what’s basically another placeholder with very little information. I’ll fill you guys in … soon. Tomorrow is looking busy, so I make no promises.

For those who have been asking me, I have not yet received my final grades for the semester. I’ll let you know when I hear something.

What a Weird Day


Real short post tonight, since it’s bedtime.

Woke up at 2:45 am and decided to start trying to grab my waitlisted classes. It wasn’t until after 8:00 that the website finally let me log in, and then it was another 15 minutes before it would show me my schedule. Turns out that I can’t register for the waitlisted classes for some reason, even though it shows there’s now room.

Went back to bed at some point in the morning and didn’t wake up for good until after 2:00 pm. Everything’s been thrown off kilter from that.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more like what I’m used to.



I’m pooped.

I don’t know why I’m so tired. I haven’t done much of anything today outside of my usual checklist stuff. I even had a couple of short naps during the day. But as I write this, I’m fighting my eyelids slamming shut.

This is going to be a short post, because my wife has drilled it into my brain that I should listen to my body, and my body says it’s time to go to sleep. So I’m going to go do that very soon.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more noteworthy and I can find something to write about except for my condition as I’m writing.


Next Steps


Tomorrow morning, I need to stop off at the financial aid office at school and get them to waive my fee for taking the TSI assessment exam, and then scoot over to schedule the test itself. In order to attempt to beat the crazy long lines waiting to see financial aid in the morning, it’s my plan to try and be there early. Which means I’ve got to actually sleep tonight.

It’s not that I haven’t been sleeping, I just haven’t been sleeping as long as I should lately. I’m getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning and not going back to sleep until after 11:00 pm or midnight. That’s starting to show in my ability to focus on things, and so I’m going to try and sleep sooner rather than later this evening.

Today was pretty much steady as she goes. Nothing much to report, but nothing bad happened either. It was just an average day.

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes well.

Sleep Deprivation


So apparently my recent sleep habits reached up and bit me on the bum today.

For the last several nights, I’ve been getting interrupted sleep, thanks to a backache (which needs my heating pad on the couch) or a headache (which needs Tylenol, water, and an upright position to keep my head from throbbing so badly I can’t get back to sleep) or, on one night, both at the same time. Combine the sleep that I’m losing being awake with those situations with the relatively early hour that I’m up and starting my day lately and I’ve been getting about five hours of sleep a night for the past week or so.

This morning, my body said no more.

I was up for a little bit overnight with my back, so once more I lost sleep. My alarm to take my vitals and meds at 8:30 went off, and I killed it and went back to sleep – at least, I think that’s what happened, I don’t remember the 8:30 alarm today. My alarm to feed the cats went off at 9:30, and upon noticing that my wife was already up I got out of bed and went into the couch, started my heating pad up again, tossed my new lap blanket over me and promptly fell asleep with my head leaned back against the wall. I woke up a few times over the next hour and a half, each time for only a few moments before drifting back off again. Finally I woke up, checked my phone to see what time it was, noticed it was 11:00, and got my day started at last.

It’s been a very low-key day. Over in Secret World Legends, my main character is stalled because of a bug, and I’m awaiting a response to my petition, so I can’t play her right now. Instead, I’ve been on another character that I’m teaming with my wife most all day. There have been breaks throughout the day – we went to the complex office to pick up a package for my wife, a cold-brew coffee decanter that we ordered through Kickstarter, and out to our usual go-to barbecue restaurant for potato salad. (One of my wife’s coworkers is a competitive pit boss in her spare time, so she smoked several pork tenderloins, vacuum sealed them, and brought them to the office to sell. Nine bucks for a pound and a half of really well smoked meat is a great deal, and that was our dinner tonight.) We’ve messed around on the Internet off and on, and really there hasn’t been that much for me to do today, so I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying myself.

Tomorrow we’re going to have to do laundry at some point, hopefully earlier rather than later as it’s habitually getting to be a hundred degrees outside these days, and we’d prefer not to melt going to the on-grounds laundry with all those dryers running in a poorly-ventilated room. But I think that other than that it’s going to be another slow day.

And given what we have to deal with next week, I’m okay with that.

Life at the Speed of Nap


I’ve been exceptionally tired today. Not really sure why. I took four naps throughout the day.

I got plenty of sleep last night, so there’s no reason for me to have slept as much as I did. I’m chalking it up to boredom, I suppose.

The first nap, sure, that could have been because I was legitimately tired. I take a lot of medication in the morning and several of them have drowsiness as a side effect. I often will wake up at a reasonable hour or earlier, stay up for about an hour or 90 minutes, then go back to bed for another hour and a half or so. I’m used to that. But the second nap, and increasingly the third and fourth naps, might have been because I didn’t have anything else to do.

My to-do list today was light, only two things (I try to keep things light on the weekends if I can), plus my usual checklist of items for the day. I knew it would be easy to knock them out at my leisure, and since I didn’t start on the checklist until after 9:00 tonight I’ve had all day basically to myself.

I’ve been this way all week. Not necessarily with so many naps, but I’ve been spending most of this week trying to do as little as possible. It almost feels like I’m goofing off and calling things in to try and complete my checklist each day. (Today will be day 21 of the current streak of full marks, incidentally.) Monday was exceptionally busy and I think that I used far too many spoons that day. I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

Hopefully this desire to procrastinate will pass soon. I’m not terribly fond of it.

Up at the Crack of Three


Last night I woke up at about 2:30 am and inexplicably stayed awake until well after 6:00 am. In an attempt to recover I mostly slept until 3:00 pm, only getting out of bed to do my vitals when my wife came home for lunch. The rest of the day’s been haywire since, and I’ve already broken my five-day-long streak, since I never brushed my teeth this morning.

I’m debating just calling this a wash of a day and trying to reset my sleep for tomorrow. There are several things that I haven’t accomplished yet today and it would be easy to just let them slide until tomorrow, in the hopes that I can do better.

But there’s a larger part of me that says I need to try my hardest to complete my checklist items for the day, and if I only miss a day of full marks by one, I only miss it by one. I do this checklist because it’s a challenge to me, even after 84 straight days of full marks.

So once more, it’s going to be a short post today. I’ve still got lots to accomplish and not that much time to do it in.

Let’s hope that tomorrow will be a bit more regular, shall we?

Sooo Tired


Today’s post will be short but passionate, as I am in the midst of a series of naps and really need to get back to bed before I fall over.

I hate – hate, hate, HATE – Daylight Savings Time. Sure, it gives us more light in the evenings. Here in Austin, that means that the sun will go down as late as 9 or so in the summer, and that’s a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors after work. But the days-long hangover of the time switch is absolutely draining. I barely have the energy to eat today.

I admit, I’m calling it in today. But I am absolutely exhausted and I’m ready to go lie down. Hopefully something longer for tomorrow.

Sleep Compromise


Today is the first day of my wife’s new work schedule.

She’s had a lot of them, but most recently she’s been working 10 am-7 pm, a schedule that she’s had before and that worked out pretty well for us. Today she starts 7 am-4 pm, a move that will enable her to more readily find a therapist. So this is a long-term, more or less permanent change in her schedule.

My wife is not a morning person, it should be said.

I’ve changed with every one of her schedule changes, but this one I have not. I’m still up around 8:30 am or so to take my vitals and morning meds, I’m still going to bed around midnight or 1 am. But my wife will have long been to bed when I get there.

And that’s a weird feeling for me, someone who’s only rarely gone to bed at a different time than she does.

I like the feeling of cozying up to her for bedtime snuggles, and holding her while she drifts off to sleep. It’s a very comforting thing. But now I’m coming to bed some two and three hours after her, and waking up some three hours after she wakes, and it’s odd to me.

We’ve found a compromise, though. When it’s time for her to go to bed, I stop what I’m doing and go snuggle her for a little while, ideally until she’s asleep. Then I get back up and finish my day before coming to bed and snuggling some more.

It’s not a bad compromise, but it still feels a little weird to get up once she’s asleep. Last night my back started bothering me so I got up before she was asleep and got on my heating pad, something that could have happened any night regardless of when I would have gone to bed.

I hope this separate schedules thing works out in the long run. If not, I can always switch to her schedule – I’ve done it before. But I like staying up a little later, and I really don’t relish being up at 5:30 in the morning, either.

We’ll see how things shake out.