Quickie Report


Today was pretty low key. I helped a friend move this morning and early afternoon. It’d been a long time since I’d done that, and I definitely needed the exercise.

I was also on the air for the first time in almost a month tonight. It felt good to broadcast again. Once again, we’re not doing our Saturday show because we’re planning on attending an SCA event this weekend, but hopefully next week we can get back on the air.

I’m exhausted tonight, so I think I’m going to make this short and sweet and hopefully have more to report tomorrow.




Today was a repeat of yesterday. Lots of goofing off, not much adulting to be done. These days are going to be few and far between over the next few years because of school, but it’ll be worth it.

My mood has been kinda low today, though. Not down, per se, just a little low. It’s been a hard feeling to shake. I’ve also been tired most of the day as well.

Days like this I really don’t know what to write about. Nothing much happened. I played games on the computer all day, and my wife and I did our radio show in the evening. I feel like I’m somehow shortchanging you, my readers, by not having more to talk about. But I suppose lazy days like today are important from time to time.



Tonight my wife and I signed into Secret World Legends together, and we eventually formed a five-man team comprised of the two of us and three listeners from the radio station. We knocked out a couple of missions before my wife had to retire for the evening, and I stayed on to do a few more missions with my friends before I too signed off.

We organized the teamup through the station’s Discord server, which is a fairly recent addition to our communication options. We still maintain an IRC channel – that’s our official chat client – but we also have a Slack channel and now also Discord.

Discord has brought our community together like nothing else has since City of Heroes turned off the servers in November 2012. Tonight’s teamup reminded me very strongly of our days of putting together eight man teams in the station’s global channel and spending hours and hours running mission after mission on double XP weekends. (Our station has live DJs every night, but the mornings and afternoons are almost always covered by streaming music. During double XP weekends, the station would have live DJs on the air around the clock for the entire weekend, and the teaming was plentiful and good.) We used the text channel we have for the game to coordinate getting people together, and then moved to the game’s voice channel to communicate in real time while we adventured together.

Those teamups were one of my happier memories of living in Illinois, and I’m happy to be reminded of them. Like I said, we haven’t been this active of a community since City’s sunset. It’s great to see our listeners active and teaming up again.

Well, That Fell Through


I had plans to come back today and tell you about the wonderful adventures we went on today, except that when we woke up neither of us had much energy, and our plans would have completely sapped us on a show day, so in the interest of doing the show we’d already programmed, we stayed home.

As our listeners discovered, the plan was to go to the Bullock Museum downtown and see the “Pride & Joy: The Texas Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan” exhibit that’s only there through tomorrow. My wife is a tremendous SRV fan and the plan was to go see the exhibit this morning and then do an all-SRV show this evening.

She’s fine with missing it, so I’m okay with it. But I wish we’d have known about this sooner than the final weekend so we could have planned better.

The SRV show went on as planned, though, and we had a good listener count for doing a single-act show.

The station is in the process of testing a Discord server as a chat client, and so we were in there as well as the station’s IRC channel tonight. Neither one of us had ever used Discord before, but so far we both seem to like it. Not sure what this is going to mean for the station in the long run, but for right now, we’re inviting listeners to join us over in Discord and let us know what they think about it before making any decisions about its future place with our station.

I really hope to do as little as possible tomorrow. I’m pretty drained from today, even though I didn’t do much. The heat is such that our air conditioning unit struggles in the later afternoon and evening to keep the apartment as cool as we like it. At some points it got up to 78, which is very warm for us. I think the heat has got us pretty worn out, even though we’re not out in the middle of it very long.

All Quiet


Not much to report on the college front today. I sent an email over to my TWC counselors asking whether they’d be willing to put things on hold for a theoretical move into district, but didn’t hear back from them. At the latest, it’ll be the 27th when I go in that I will hear something.

Not much happening at home either. Spent the morning getting stuff on my checklist done then the afternoon in Secret World Legends doing what amounted to nothing whatsoever, as I had to stop and put the game on pause to program my radio show before I could finish with the map, and logging out without completing the mission erased any progress I’d made. I’ll tackle it again tomorrow if I have time.

I’m tired and ready for the weekend. Looking forward to going to bed, and might even get there early tonight.

Donuts Make Things Better


This morning we woke up rather early (for a Saturday) and decided that donuts would be an appropriate breakfast for a diabetic, so we drove to Round Rock Donuts (home of the best glazed donut I’ve ever had) and got a dozen donuts, a dozen donut holes (for the ride home) and two klobasniky, one with sausage and one with sausage and cheese. (A klobasnek is like a pig in a blanket: a meat, usually sausage, sometimes with cheese, wrapped in dough and baked. They’re very popular here in Texas, where there’s a large Czech population. Klobasniky are very frequently called kolaches, which is actually very similar to a danish, dough topped with fruit. Both are extremely tasty.) My wife and I split the donut holes between us, ate our respective klobasniky, and went to her office to sign her time card for the week. The rest of the day was spent either goofing off on Facebook and the Internet in general, napping, or preparing our playlist for the evening’s special show (one of the guilds in a game that we play requested our presence for an anniversary event tonight). It’s been a pretty low-key day.

A Wondrous Show


Tonight my wife and I went on the air with a special show. First off, it was the return of Cards Against Humanity, something that we used to do on the first Saturday of the month but haven’t done for various reasons since December. We use a CAH emulator to be able to play the game online with listeners from all around the world. We played three games tonight, and had a fantastic turnout – 15 players at one point! With a crowd that big, we set the win total at 5, to keep the game from dragging on. Folks had a lot of fun, though, and it was great to get back into the first Saturday habit again.

We also had a special playlist tonight. I was inspired by the women-only showings of Wonder Woman going on at Alamo Drafthouse, and thought we should do something to help celebrate that spirit, so tonight’s theme was Ladies’ Night. With the exception of the obvious opening song, Kool and the Gang’s “Ladies’ Night,” every artist in the show had a female lead. We played everything from Joan Jett to Donna Summer to the Dixie Chicks to Eartha Kitt to TLC. We had a great turnout and I think folks really enjoyed the theme. Makes me want to do something like this again sometime.

Other than the show, however, it’s been a very low-key day. I’ve been tired most of the day so there have been multiple naps throughout the day. Need to get my rest in, though – tomorrow morning we go see Wonder Woman for ourselves and see just how good this movie really is. I’m really looking forward to it, and I know my wife has been waiting for this movie for years, so she’s beyond excited about it. Tomorrow’s blog post will likely be my (spoiler-free) review of the movie. Stay tuned.