#594 – Catching Up and Setting Up


Today has been a productive one around the apartment for me. All the things that started stacking up from yesterday have been addressed and resolved.

Today was highlighted by two deliveries. The first one came straight to our door, in a shrink-wrapped cooler. Inside were several cuts of meat and a couple side dishes from Omaha Steaks, courtesy of my in-laws. We will eat well for days off this gift.

The second one was delivered to the management office around the same time, and it’s that one that I was most interested in. That shipment was my new school laptop, which I’ve spent the afternoon and evening trying to get set up. There have been some challenges getting things working, but with a little help from our house guest, all was set right before long.

The laptop is going to have two users, one strictly for school, and another strictly for stuff outside of school. The idea is that it will be able to play games in a pinch should I find myself traveling, as I will be late next week. It means that I don’t have to take more than one laptop, which quickly becomes heavy and bulky.

Right now, it’s going through a very large download, which will take several hours, so it was timed to run overnight. It should be ready for use in the morning.


#578 – Productivity and Devastation


Today was a busy day. Got laundry done, did some pre-cooking for later in the week, finished an algebra quiz that’s due tomorrow, cleaned up the kitchen a couple of times, got all my usual stuff on my checklist done, watched V for Vendetta (“Remember, remember the fifth of November …”), then settled in for an evening of hanging out on the internet.

This evening my thoughts are in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I cannot fathom what makes a person commit such atrocities and why people defend his right to have the firepower to do it. At what point are we as a country going to stop and say “enough is enough” and take definitive action to prevent this sort of thing from happening again?

My thoughts are also with someone I know who’s a 20-year member of First Baptist Church. Today she slept through her alarm and that likely saved her life and the lives of her kids. I cannot imagine the flood of emotions that she’s experiencing, the pain that she’s going through. I’m devastated for her.

The random, senseless acts of terrorism and violence that seem to be happening every other week nowadays have got to stop, and soon. I wish we knew how.

Somewhat Back to Normal


Today I only had nagging cold symptoms, nothing bad, and I managed to catch a few naps during the day – probably good that I did, since I was up at 4:30 am for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It was a productive day. My wife and I split the workload to get a lot of nagging errands taken care of before the week starts.

It’s going to be another short post, since I’m starting to wind down from the day, but hopefully I’ll have more to write about tomorrow.

The Homework Begins


… well, kind of.

Last night was my first class for biology fundamentals, a class designed to prepare me for the entrance assessment for anatomy & physiology I, which is a pre-requisite for my actual degree, diagnostic cardiovascular sonography. Even though we spent the whole session reviewing the syllabus and getting tips and tricks on studying and campus life, we were assigned homework, that being to watch the four and a half minute long video on Texas’s new campus carry law.

My instructor said that we would have around eight homework assignments for the semester, and was very clear what that first assignment would be covering. However, he didn’t state that anything was due yet, and there hasn’t been anything posted to our class Blackboard stating that homework would be due soon.

So I started it anyway.

My first assignment is to read chapters one and two in the textbook, define all the words in the chapter’s glossary, and complete the multiple choice questions at the end of the chapter. Today I finished chapter one before calling it a day.

It actually felt really good to have something to take up part of my day. Since I’ve been on disability for a few years, there’s not that much that I’m required to do, and so my days are largely unstructured. That’s one of the reasons that I started my daily checklists back in October 2014. The items on that checklist only cover so much of my day, and that leaves me with the rest of the day to fill doing whatever I can. As much as I enjoy computer gaming, reading, watching movies, and napping, there’s only so much of it you can do before it starts becoming a little tedious.

Homework took me about three and a half hours to complete, at least to the point that I did, and that’s running right along with the estimates that they give for giving a six credit hour schedule enough study time. So I feel rather accomplished for the day.

The other great part is that I have completed all of my non-time dependent checklist items but one – that being leisure. I now have the rest of the evening to do whatever I want to do.

And knowing just how productive I’ve been today is going to make that goofing off time that much sweeter.

Musings About Life and College


This morning I slept until 8:15, when my alarm to feed the cats went off. So far this morning, it’s been a productive day. I’ve done all the items on my to-do list, and this blog post wraps up the rest of the floating items on my daily checklist. (For those new to the blog: I keep two Moleskine notebooks by my side, one with a floating list of to-do items that are only done on occasion or only once, and one with a checklist of items that needs to be done every day. Most of the items on the checklist are healthcare related, as I’m managing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure along with my mental illness, but some of them are things like reading a portion of a self-help book, completing the day’s allotment of exercises on Elevate and Duolingo, my learning apps, and writing in this blog.) I’ve also gotten a decent amount of leisure in so far today, and the rest of the day is pretty much free to do with as I wish.

This newfound early productivity is a good sign with college classes starting next week. It shows that I’m capable of prioritizing things in my life well and that I’ll be able to be a success with the two classes I’m taking this semester.

But I need to be careful not to overdo it, because I tend to be prone to extremes at times and foresee a day when I finish my daily tasks, including studying, and then go out of my way to continue to be productive in some way rather than taking it easy like I’m going to need to do every day.

The estimates that I received from my area of study information session last week indicated that a six credit hour course load should be spending approximately 18 hours a week studying outside of class – which works out to three hours a day, six days a week. Given how I tend to retain information, I doubt I’m going to need quite that long, but I’m prepared to give it however long it needs for the information to stick and the work to get done.

Next week starts the first step on what will be a long journey, but it’s one that I’m prepared to see through to the end.

Feeling Sociable


We had a friend spend the late afternoon and evening with us tonight. She came over initially to drop off something, but that turned into conversation, which turned into her taking a conference call from our kitchen table, which turned into dinner, which turned into more conversation. I wasn’t very talkative but that was mostly because I didn’t have that much to add to things. That tends to be the case with me socially, sitting back and letting others dominate conversation. I’ve always done it. I think it’s because I was taught at a young age not to interrupt when other people are talking, and conversations naturally flow from one topic to another, so usually by the time I can hop in and not feel like I’m stepping on anyone’s toes the conversation has typically moved on, so I just sit and listen mostly. I should try to figure out a way of breaking that habit.

It’s been a productive day today, but it was an early start – I was up at 3:30 am thanks to a splitting headache and a horrible backache, and I never got back to bed. That means that I’m super tired tonight and really want nothing more than to go lie down.

Unproductive and Unapologetic


Today was not a productive day.

Sure, I got all my checklist items done – fairly early, in fact – and then I started in on Secret World Legends. I spent most of the afternoon playing, in fact. And for once I don’t feel the need to apologize for not getting all the things done.

I did what I need to do with every day, and I had the time left over to do what I wanted to do. And today, that was playing a computer game until my eyes crossed.

It’s been hectic, for reasons that aren’t mine to discuss, but all will be well.

And maybe I’ll have more to do tomorrow.