Life at the Speed of Nap


I’ve been exceptionally tired today. Not really sure why. I took four naps throughout the day.

I got plenty of sleep last night, so there’s no reason for me to have slept as much as I did. I’m chalking it up to boredom, I suppose.

The first nap, sure, that could have been because I was legitimately tired. I take a lot of medication in the morning and several of them have drowsiness as a side effect. I often will wake up at a reasonable hour or earlier, stay up for about an hour or 90 minutes, then go back to bed for another hour and a half or so. I’m used to that. But the second nap, and increasingly the third and fourth naps, might have been because I didn’t have anything else to do.

My to-do list today was light, only two things (I try to keep things light on the weekends if I can), plus my usual checklist of items for the day. I knew it would be easy to knock them out at my leisure, and since I didn’t start on the checklist until after 9:00 tonight I’ve had all day basically to myself.

I’ve been this way all week. Not necessarily with so many naps, but I’ve been spending most of this week trying to do as little as possible. It almost feels like I’m goofing off and calling things in to try and complete my checklist each day. (Today will be day 21 of the current streak of full marks, incidentally.) Monday was exceptionally busy and I think that I used far too many spoons that day. I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

Hopefully this desire to procrastinate will pass soon. I’m not terribly fond of it.

A Lazy Day, A Simmering Panic


Today has been an exercise in ignoring my checklists, for the most part. I intend to get everything done on them, just … not yet.

Sometimes my brain tells me that it’s a day to just relax about getting things done. I wish I had more days like today, where I didn’t wake up in a dead panic to accomplish everything, nervously checking my little black books to see what I should be doing instead of what I am doing right that moment. I didn’t wake up until around 11:30, and went and took a two hour nap later in the afternoon, cuddling with my wife the whole time. (That made it that much sweeter.)

When I stop to analyze it, my checklist is really not that difficult to get done. I haven’t been exercising lately because I’m not consuming anywhere near the amount of calories I should be and exercising would just reduce my net caloric consumption for the day to an unhealthy level. But even considering a normal day, food-wise, there’s still plenty of time for me to get everything done.

So why do I approach every day like I’m starting off behind and getting more and more so with every passing moment?

Am I becoming one of those people that wants to get the work out of the way before playtime can occur? That would be a switch for me, as I am historically a procrastinator and prone to putting things off until too late to get anything done. My life is a big example of that – I’ve now put off getting a degree to the point that I don’t know if it would be economically worth it to go back to school; could I make enough before my body forces me to retire to pay back what student loans I could potentially be offered?

Fortunately, my brain isn’t letting me focus much on the what-ifs of life today. It’s wanting a day off, and I’m going to let it have it.

Dinner tonight was bratwurst, corn on the cob, an Arnold Palmer (that’s half iced tea and half lemonade, something that I’m sure is at least a misdemeanor crime across the pond in the UK, where I have loyal followers, but I’m from the south, and around this time of year a proper cuppa is just too hot to tolerate), and an Angry Orchard Summer Honey blend hard cider.

And I still have room on the calorie sheet for another bratwurst if I want it.

Go me.