Man, do I feel good.

Today I had a friend that offered to have my wife and me come over for massages to help test out her new in-home studio. We visited a while before our massages and had a good visit. It’s the first time we’d been to visit her at her new place, so we got the nickel tour. My wife went first while I waited, and then it was my turn.

I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of pain in my left shoulder recently that’s been aggravated by the position I hold my phone while I’m working on it. I told my friend about it and about the broken kneecap, and she said she’d pay special attention to both areas. She went lightly around the knee, but she used trigger point therapy on my shoulder. It was a little uncomfortable, but tolerable, and the rest of the massage was straight relaxation.

The timing was perfect, coming just a few days after the trip to Arizona for my father-in-law’s funeral. I almost fell asleep on the table while she worked. She turned me into a puddle.

We visited for a while longer when we were both done, and then headed out for a bite to eat before coming home.

As we were leaving I took note of the amount of pain my shoulder was in.

There was none.

It wasn’t diminished. She didn’t just help. The pain was completely gone.

Since then I’ve been very careful not to aggravate it again. Some of the pain has since come back in the hours since the massage but it’s nothing like what it was.

I’m trained in massage therapy, though it’s been years. I never learned trigger point but was aware that it could be very therapeutic in certain situations. I didn’t imagine that it would help this much, and I am indebted to my friend for giving me the first pain-free moments I’ve had in weeks.

July 2, 2015: Three Good Things


This week I’m relating good things about myself rather than my day. This is day five of this challenge. It’s getting harder to think of good things about myself that I haven’t already related, but here goes.

1. I tend to have a knack for new skills. My first attempts at both pottery and weaving in particular look like I’d been at both for a while. They certainly don’t look like an expert did them, but neither do they look like a first try. This tends to be the case with most new skills I try to pick up.

2. I am patient beyond measure – most of the time. If I’m having a really bad day, my patience wears thin like everyone else’s, but my fuse is generally very, very long.

3. I give really good backrubs. My own back won’t let me pursue it as a career, but I am trained in massage therapy by some of the finest teachers in the country.