#579 – May You Live In Interesting Times


And boy, was today interesting.

Algebra class went off without a hitch, although it was a close thing – I used the last sheet of notebook paper I had taking my final notes, so once class was over I had to go buy another pack. While I was at Office Depot I perused laptops for school and got some fairly good information on a few. And then I headed home.

The afternoon passed fairly quickly and I went to go pick my wife up from work. We came home, ate a dinner that we’d cooked yesterday, and then I headed off to biology, giving myself my usual hour to get there and get settled before class. I always arrive 15-20 minutes early to avoid being rushed.

And that’s when things started going off the rails.

I take back roads to get to campus, rather than chance getting caught in interstate traffic and being late. If there’s traffic – and there always is – it’s usually pretty consistent. Not today. Today started a construction project on my usual route, and for over a mile five lanes were reduced to two, one in each direction. The backup was horrendous, but despite this I managed to get to campus and park pretty much as class was starting, so if I missed anything it wouldn’t be much.

Come to find out, when I walked into the classroom my instructor was sharing the last touches of a recipe for some Italian dish he’d made over the weekend, and I didn’t miss a thing.

So class went as class usually does, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot I noticed a familiar and unwelcome sensation – my blood sugar was crashing, and I didn’t have a thing with me to counter it. I called my wife to tell her I was stopping to get something in my system, and she stayed on the phone with me as I picked up something to immediately counter the crash and something else to smooth things out in the longer-term. I stayed in the parking lot and ate and waited until I felt the crash subside then drove home, talking with my wife the whole way.

Once home, we queued up our newest movie purchase – Wonder Woman – and enjoyed an impromptu movie night to close out the day.

All in all, not a bad day, just full of little things to make life interesting. Sometimes those are the best days.



Short post tonight, due to a blood sugar crash a few minutes ago. I’ve stabilized, but I’m still feeling the echo of the crash and I want to go lie down and sleep it off. (If you’ve never felt your blood sugar crash before, it is a very odd sensation, and not at all pleasant to go through.)

Today was a good day. Finished my second algebra homework assignment, took my second algebra test, shipped my mom her new phone … it was a good day. More on all that tomorrow, and possible the results of the test as well!

Right now, though … bedtime.

That Was No Bueno …


Last night as I was attempting to drift off to sleep, I felt the weirdest sensation. My skin was both tingling, and felt cold, like I’d been sweating heavily and suddenly walked into a very air conditioned room. I was also developing a headache. I lay there for a couple minutes, making sure that I was actually experiencing this and not just making it up in my head, and then I quietly got out of bed and checked my blood sugar, because I knew what was going on.

For those that don’t know, anything below 70 mg/dL is considered low blood sugar. The treatment for this is often called the “rule of 15” – give 15 grams of glucose, such as a tablet or hard candy or tablespoon of honey, wait 15 minutes, and check the blood sugar again. If it’s still low, do another 15 grams and 15 minutes and check blood sugar again. If it continues to drop, however, get to the emergency room.

Last night my blood sugar was 59 mg/dL. That’s the lowest I’ve ever recorded it.

So I followed the rule of 15, more or less, and the new reading was 64 mg/dL, so I repeated it. That’s also the first time I’ve ever had to do more than one round.

I finally managed to get off to sleep, but it was a nerve wracking time and I woke up feeling very much worse for wear. As a result, I called off my show for the evening to take a day to take it easy.

Now, since I’m on what I hope will be day three of a streak of full checklist days (yay full checklist yesterday) “taking it easy” is relative. I’m still going to try to get my checklist done today. But the show takes a lot out of me, and I just don’t think I have the energy to devote to a show today. So for my listeners that happen to read this, my apologies. I’ll be back on the air next week.

Not sure what triggered this episode. We think that there wasn’t a late night snack for my evening glipizide to chew on, and that tanked my blood sugar. So lesson learned, we think – or at least, we hope – so things should be back to normal tonight.

I don’t like the sensation of low blood sugar. It’s a very weird feeling and I don’t recommend it to anyone.