Fighting the Heat


Today we went to a laundromat to do laundry because of the sheer amount that we have, as well as the fact that we have a quilt that needed to be washed. By the time that we wrapped up the laundry around noon or so, it was almost 100 degrees outside, and we had spent over an hour in a badly air conditioned large room filled with washers and dryers and people. We were warm, to the point of nearly overheating. We came home, brought some of the clothes upstairs with us, and fought to cool off.

That process took us over an hour, despite stripping down to underwear and pointing a fan directly at us. For a large part of the afternoon the thermostat in our apartment read 80, and I don’t recall having heard the air conditioning shutting off at all today.

Neither my wife nor I do well in the heat. We’ve both gotten heatsick on multiple occasions before, and that means that we’re both just that much more prone to getting sick again. It doesn’t take much time out in the heat to really do a number on our energy level. Simply going from door to car and car to door is enough to have an effect on us; what we did today in the heat was something neither of us were really prepared for.

It’s taken us until this evening to recover from our adventure, and we still have work left to do to put clothes away. I’m already exhausted and I don’t know where I’m going to get the energy to finish the laundry tonight. I know my wife feels pretty much the same.

Tomorrow, hopefully, the maintenance crew will stop by and replace the air filter. It’s in need, and I think that’s a big reason why our AC isn’t more effective. I hope that the difference will be noticeable.

Is it October yet?

Back to Life …


… back to reality.

My first full day home in a week has been a busy one. Had to go clothes shopping for the Phoenix trip (there’s a no-jeans policy for holiday dinners in my wife’s family) then went to a friend’s house to get my wife’s hair trimmed and then went shoe shopping for her. By that point in our afternoon my knee had had enough and I rested in the car while she went in to grab a couple pairs of sandals for herself and some dressier slip-ons for me. (Mine turned out not to fit, so lesson learned, never buy shoes unless you can try them on yourself.)

I called the hospital to get an update on how Mom did overnight. She slept through the night, mostly, except for one nurse check when she was wide awake and clearly asked the nurse “where is everybody?” That makes me feel pretty bad about not actually telling her goodbye when we left yesterday, but to be fair and honest, she was not in a state of mind that would have grasped that information and properly processed it. Yesterday was rough for her all around. They tried again to get the full MRI done after giving her a stronger sedative but she was once more combative through the process, so we still only have a partial test to make a full diagnosis from. (She was also combative during the first one, where they got enough to be able to say that she’s had a stroke, just not how bad it is.) The next step is unclear, as they are doing everything they can to try and avoid putting her under general anesthesia, as there’s always a risk at her age that she’ll never come out of it. So at this point we’re waiting for the neurologist to come in tomorrow to assess the situation and work out a plan C.

Kenneth, the family friend and “stepson” that’s her medical power of attorney, went to go visit her last night after the MRI ordeal, but he said that she didn’t recognize him and that she said that she didn’t have any kids, so last night was a bad night for her.

The hardest part of this is not knowing what the prognosis is without that full MRI, and knowing the risks that you run in assuring that you get it. The rest of the situation is all details – getting a handle on her finances so I can take over their administration while she’s incapacitated and potentially getting her laptop shipped to me so I have a better idea of how to proceed.

Seems I can’t even be home without Mom being a major part of my blog posts. I imagine that’s going to be the case for some time, unfortunately.