Short post today, because I waited until half past 11 to write and my body is starting to dislike the idea of being conscious. (I promise I will write a post of substance again one day.) Went to the doctor this morning for my annual physical and my flu shot. Things seem to be chugging along within relatively normal parameters, but I was overdue for some bloodwork, so the phlebotomist had her way with my left arm for a while.

I seem to have forgotten how much flu shots hurt. My whole upper arm is sore and I imagine it will remain that way for another day or two. Here’s hoping I don’t get any residual symptoms this year.

The fun thing is that I made $50 doing that stuff this morning. My insurance has a rewards program that pays you in gift cards for doing things like your physical and your flu shot. Last year I earned $100 through the program, and I’m hoping to do the same this year.

Today was pretty quiet, and I didn’t accomplish much today, but part of that was because I’ve been exhausted pretty much all day, and part of that is because once again the water was out for an extended period of time today, and I couldn’t get much housework done without it. I’ll have a lot to do tomorrow, but it’s doable.


Ow! My Eye!


I had two appointments today, one with my new college advisor and one with my ophthalmologist. First one first.

The appointment with my advisor was fairly straightforward. We looked at the application checklist for the degree program that I’m trying to get into, we figured out that I’ve got two years’ worth of pre- and co-requisites before the calendar will allow me to apply for the program. (While they haven’t released the 2018-2019 application deadline yet, this year it was June 1, and there’s no way I can get everything done in time for next year’s deadline if it’s similarly scheduled.) The good thing is that all this coursework will count toward the degree, and getting it done prior to applying to the program will favorably effect my application when I do. We mapped out a plan to get everything done, and so I feel a little better about that.

The ophthalmologist appointment was a little rough, however. Because I’m diabetic, I get a more thorough annual exam than I would otherwise, and one of those procedures checks my ocular pressure. (They may do this in regular exams as well, I honestly don’t remember.) They put a drop of a numbing agent in each eye to mitigate the effects of the drop of dye that they use to check your pressure. The dye stings without the numbing agent. After they checked my pressure, they gave me the usual dilation agent drops and asked me to wait for a few minutes in a darkened room while it had a chance to kick in.

A few minutes later, the doctor called me back and said that he wanted to re-check my pressure. Mine came up high the first time, and since the test is very sensitive to outside influences, up to and including holding one’s breath, he wanted to be sure nothing was effecting the result. So I got another round of numbing agent, and another round of dye, and this time the result came back normal.

We finished the exam, I said farewell to the doctor, who’s leaving the practice later this month, and went out to pay my co-pay and get my appointment set for next year. I also grabbed a pair of the rolled-up plastic sunglasses that fit behind regular glasses – to which I had affixed my own clip-on sunglasses. So I had two layers of protection over my eyes before walking outside in the bright central Texas sun.

Driving home was challenging. I couldn’t see my dashboard very well, so I drove keeping pace with other drivers rather than by watching the speedometer. Even with the two pairs of sunglasses, it was too bright outside, so I made liberal use of the sunshade in the car, and opted to avoid interstate highways to get back home in favor of slower surface roads.

I made it home, rested for a bit, and then went to pick my wife up from work, again driving with both pairs of sunglasses on. By this time the fatigue of everything they’d been put through during my appointment was catching up with me, and we switched drivers once she got off work.

We got home and I started in on trying to program my radio show for the evening. By this time my eyes were downright hurting, and looking at the computer was hard to do. Between the brightness of the screen and the brightness of the sun pouring in through the closed blinds I decided that I couldn’t do my show tonight, and so I asked my wife to let proper channels know while I went to go lie down and rest my eyes.

A few minutes later, I got an idea, and got back up to ask my wife if she’d be willing to program the show on her laptop and give me an assist with song names during talk breaks. She was willing to do that, so we threw a show together and went on the air, with me doing the lion’s share of the talking while she managed the actual broadcast. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but it worked out very well.

And now I’m winding down for bed. Even well after sundown, there’s only two lights on in the entire apartment, where there would usually be a lot more. My eyes are beginning to feel better, and I anticipate they’ll be back to normal in the morning. But for now, I think that finally giving my eyes the rest they’ve been wanting all afternoon and evening is wise.

Maybe Tomorrow


Yesterday I committed to starting my new exercises for my knee. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen today. I woke up early this morning and got my morning stuff out of the way, tacked on my reading and my learning, and fairly soon after that went back to bed. (I really need to redistribute my daily meds to see if I can avoid loading so many meds with drowsiness as a side effect in the morning.) I slept for a while, then woke up and started reading my current novel for a while, and soon after that my wife came home for lunch. Then I dropped her off at her office and spent the biggest part of the rest of the afternoon wrapped up with therapy and the commute there and back. It wasn’t long after I got back home that I got a call from my wife. I needed to pick her up early. The bloodwork she had done on Monday at the ENT came back positive for mono, and her office wanted her to stay home until her doctors cleared her to return. She had tried to talk them into letting her work from home, but in the end they said that they wouldn’t allow it.

We went to the doctor straight from work to go pick up a note telling her she’s cleared to return to work on Monday. And I’ve spent the rest of the evening taking care of her, as it kind of hit her all at once and she’s been exhausted all day.

There will be rest for the next few days. In the meantime, I’ll try to get back on the exercise bandwagon tomorrow.


Not Fiction Friday, Sorry


I had great plans, but they got waylaid by real life, so no resurrected Friday Fiction this week, everyone. My apologies. Here’s what threw everything for a loop.

On Wednesday night I took a close look at the paperwork that I need to do for school in the fall, specifically a really close and thoughtful look at the immunization form. (While I’m not going into a field that has patient contact, it’s still a health science field that works at sites that could be exposed to various communicable diseases, so the vaccinations are a requirement.) I took a close look at the requirements for the hepatitis B vaccination regimen: Three doses, with the second at least four weeks after the first and the third at least eight weeks after the second AND at least 16 weeks after the first. I calculated my dates based on getting into see the doctor on Friday (I never drive on show days, so Thursday was out) and the earliest that I would be able to turn in my completed vaccination form would be June 23rd. That’s really close to the start of school, so I made it a point to call and get an appointment for today. The receptionist at my doctor told me to come in at 2:00 pm.

Today at 2:00 rolled around and I went in to see the nice folks at the front desk, neither of whom were the person that I set my appointment with. Speaking of my appointment, they told me that they couldn’t find my appointment in their calendar, but since the nurse was free, things would be fine. They checked me in and had me take a seat.

It wasn’t long before they called me back up and explained that my insurance wouldn’t cover the vaccines that I needed, and that one of them would cost $600 out of pocket, and furthermore they weren’t comfortable with having me have that high of a bill at one time, so they referred me to my pharmacy in an attempt to get the vaccinations done.

So I went home and called the pharmacy and got their out of pocket rates on the vaccinations – all a fraction of what they’d cost at my doctor’s office, for some reason. Thing is, that’s still a few hundred bucks, money we don’t have lying around, so we started working on how to get it paid for – something we were able to do earlier this evening.

So in the next couple days I’ll be going to the pharmacy and hopefully getting my favorite pharmacist to administer the vaccinations so I can start down this road sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah, got a call from the doctor’s office around 3:55 this afternoon asking me where I was for my 2:00 appointment yesterday. That’s right – Thursday. Whoever was handling intake yesterday set my appointment for the same day, despite me telling her point blank that Thursday was out and I need to come in on Friday. At least that little mystery cleared itself up.

So many details, and so little time left. This is coming up faster than I want it to.

Sit tight, I’m going to try and get a Friday Fiction out next week.