Cue the Inspirational Music


It’s been yet another day of doing as little as I possibly can. I’ve spent a lot of time in Secret World Legends today doing PvP on my main character, trying to build resources up for a huge crafting project I’m working on. I’ve done some chores around the apartment, nothing too momentous but not quite nothing.

Tomorrow I start in earnest trying to prep for registering for school. There are some hoops that I have to jump through, as the payment arrangements must be on file at the time of registration and those payment arrangements are coming through Texas Workforce Commission. That’ll be two, maybe three phone calls I’ll need to make. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow afternoon, so all my productive time is going to have to be relegated to the morning. I’d like to start in on the program handbook – that’s a 65 page read and I hold no illusions that I’ll get it done in a day – but I don’t know if I’ll get to it.

Until I’m actually in classes, I’m trying to reserve my evenings for time with my wife. We enjoy spending time with one another and I want to maximize that while I still can. One class won’t take up the majority of my time, but a full class load will, and I need to start prepping for that.

So much to do. So little time to get it done in. So many hoops to jump through. I sometimes question if it’s worth it, if I’m ready for something this big. But I tend to respond in the affirmative. I’ve been working toward this goal for years, even though the goal was some vague declaration and not a clear plan until very recently. I’ve still been trying to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for being in school, especially full-time, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it.

I sometimes catch myself telling myself that I can’t do this, that I’m building this up to be an insurmountable challenge. I find myself saying that I don’t know what I’m doing. But I also almost immediately counter that with the fact that I may not know what I’m doing now, but that’s the point of going to school, to learn how to do this new career. The expectation is that I don’t have a clue. And true, I didn’t have a clue what’s expected of me for school up until last Thursday, but now I do, and now that I see it’s a fairly extensive list of prerequisites to get into the program, I’m telling myself that I’m up for the challenge. It will be a challenge, make no mistake of that. Health Sciences courses are intense for a reason. But I can do it. And I will do it.



Today was a repeat of yesterday. Lots of goofing off, not much adulting to be done. These days are going to be few and far between over the next few years because of school, but it’ll be worth it.

My mood has been kinda low today, though. Not down, per se, just a little low. It’s been a hard feeling to shake. I’ve also been tired most of the day as well.

Days like this I really don’t know what to write about. Nothing much happened. I played games on the computer all day, and my wife and I did our radio show in the evening. I feel like I’m somehow shortchanging you, my readers, by not having more to talk about. But I suppose lazy days like today are important from time to time.

Back to Work


Not me, not really.

My wife and I woke up this morning ready to spend a morning and afternoon goofing around on the internet, playing games, maybe watching a movie or two, when she got a text from her team lead. The Saturday dispatcher had called in, and no one else was answering their phone. Could my wife possibly work from 11:00 to 8:00 today?

We thought it over, and when she found out that she was pretty much the last resort she told them that she’d be in. So we finished our morning stuff and packed up the laptops to head into her office.

Her cubicle is rather big, and has enough room for both of us to put our laptops on her desk in addition to the office computer that’s already there. So we got there, she got settled in and brought up her work computer, and we fired up the laptops to keep us busy during what was a really slow shift.

Generally if a ticket comes in on the weekend, it’s because something somewhere broke. Not anything that you can anticipate, but you can’t not address such situations in a timely manner, so her day was spent monitoring her computer for new work coming in and playing on her laptop. Since I had no such work obligations to hold me back, I went straight for the playing part and left the work to her.

The day went pretty fast, faster than it would if we were at home basically doing the same thing. The change of scenery was nice and a welcome addition to my day. She had a few tickets come in, and some that took longer than others, but we managed to have a good time while there.

Her back and hips are really bothering her, though, and she had to take a pain reliever that left her a little too woozy to safely drive home, so I poured her into the passenger seat and took the wheel for the short commute.

Right now we’re contemplating what, if anything, we want to do with the rest of our evening. Getting back in game sounds like a good idea. So does closing everything down and going to sleep. I haven’t done hardly anything today but I am completely exhausted again.

Tomorrow promises to be more leisure time around the apartment, although there’s likely going to be a trip to the store in our future tomorrow sometime.



Tonight my wife and I signed into Secret World Legends together, and we eventually formed a five-man team comprised of the two of us and three listeners from the radio station. We knocked out a couple of missions before my wife had to retire for the evening, and I stayed on to do a few more missions with my friends before I too signed off.

We organized the teamup through the station’s Discord server, which is a fairly recent addition to our communication options. We still maintain an IRC channel – that’s our official chat client – but we also have a Slack channel and now also Discord.

Discord has brought our community together like nothing else has since City of Heroes turned off the servers in November 2012. Tonight’s teamup reminded me very strongly of our days of putting together eight man teams in the station’s global channel and spending hours and hours running mission after mission on double XP weekends. (Our station has live DJs every night, but the mornings and afternoons are almost always covered by streaming music. During double XP weekends, the station would have live DJs on the air around the clock for the entire weekend, and the teaming was plentiful and good.) We used the text channel we have for the game to coordinate getting people together, and then moved to the game’s voice channel to communicate in real time while we adventured together.

Those teamups were one of my happier memories of living in Illinois, and I’m happy to be reminded of them. Like I said, we haven’t been this active of a community since City’s sunset. It’s great to see our listeners active and teaming up again.



Today I spent nearly all day in Secret World Legends. I did everything my checklist requires of me, but kept it to just those tasks, not adding anything to my to-do list on purpose. Everyone needs a day to just be every once in a while, and today was that day for me.

I was so engrossed in the game, however, that I was losing track of what was going on around me. My wife and I were in voice chat on the station’s new Discord server for the better part of the afternoon and evening, and while I was trying to wrap things up in a particular zone in the game, I was barely speaking to anyone. It wasn’t a slight on them, far from it, I was just buried in the game to the point I couldn’t really look up from it.

There are times that I have issues with hyperfocusing. My wife has to point out that I am doing so when I do, because I’m oftentimes not aware of it until told. So this week I’m going to see what I can do to minimize the instances that I hyperfocus on anything. I will make one exception, however – my follow-up meeting with TWC is Thursday and I need to have completed my research on my options before giving them a decision. Here’s hoping that I make the right one.

All Quiet


Not much to report on the college front today. I sent an email over to my TWC counselors asking whether they’d be willing to put things on hold for a theoretical move into district, but didn’t hear back from them. At the latest, it’ll be the 27th when I go in that I will hear something.

Not much happening at home either. Spent the morning getting stuff on my checklist done then the afternoon in Secret World Legends doing what amounted to nothing whatsoever, as I had to stop and put the game on pause to program my radio show before I could finish with the map, and logging out without completing the mission erased any progress I’d made. I’ll tackle it again tomorrow if I have time.

I’m tired and ready for the weekend. Looking forward to going to bed, and might even get there early tonight.

So Sleepy


Today was a pretty lazy day. I did a few chores around the house, but largely I took it easy. I was supposed to go see my doctor for a non-urgent issue today after dropping my wife off at work after lunch, but I was falling asleep at stop lights heading back towards our place, so I called and postponed that appointment.

A good portion of my day was spent in Secret World Legends. Recently I had an issue on my main character with progressing on the central story line – I couldn’t get past a locked door and the game managers couldn’t figure out a way to fix the bug. They were able to jump start my character past that point in the story line, but it meant that I’d miss out on all the stuff in the zone beyond the door. I figured it was a small price to pay to be able to play again, and besides, I could always see what I was missing on another character. This morning I did a mission that somehow managed to reset the locked door so I could get through it, and that zone became available to me again, so I spent the day on that character exploring the new areas.

We had friends come over for a visit during the early evening – they were dropping off the Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box that we lent out on Saturday for the party – and we had a good visit, talking about all sorts of things of common interest. It was good to see them again.

As I type this, I’m beyond exhausted. I’ve been tired all day, and I can’t wait to go to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow, but there will be plenty of opportunity to catch up on sleep once I run my morning errand. Looking forward to that.