Somewhat Back to Normal


Today I only had nagging cold symptoms, nothing bad, and I managed to catch a few naps during the day – probably good that I did, since I was up at 4:30 am for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It was a productive day. My wife and I split the workload to get a lot of nagging errands taken care of before the week starts.

It’s going to be another short post, since I’m starting to wind down from the day, but hopefully I’ll have more to write about tomorrow.


From Patient to Nurse and Back Again


I still have a cold. I’ve spent the day in and out of bed, although I was largely symptom-free until later in the evening. Which is good, because I’ve had to take care of my wife, who had to have a tooth pulled this morning.

I like playing nursemaid to her, although she’s not fond of it. She tends to feel that she should be able to do anything she wants up to the brink of death, and it’s sometimes hard to help her with things beyond what I would normally do during the course of a regular day. I have to remind her that if the tables were turned, and I was the one that had the tooth pulled, she’d be telling me to take it easy while trying to stay as pain-free as possible.

I haven’t really done that much beyond what I’d normally do, to be honest. I’ve gotten her pain meds, I’ve refilled her drinks, I made dinner tonight – all things that I’d normally do (to be fair, she usually cooks and I usually clean, but tonight I’m pulling double duty). I think the issue is that she knows she’s not at her best and it frustrates her that I’m doing things because she can’t, not because I’m being nice.

Right now, my nose has slammed shut and my eyes are burning and I can barely see, while her pain is at 2/10, so we’re back to her helping me out. Roles like this change frequently between us, depending on who’s having the worse day. With both of us suffering from multiple mental illnesses, our situation can rapidly turn on a dime, so we have to be prepared to step up and take care of one another.

While she tends to dislike any situation where I’m doing more than she is, it’s a system that has worked for us for many years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Not Much Progress


Once again, the day’s basically been lost to the cold. I haven’t really accomplished much of anything today except rest, and even that was sporadic.

This is where I’d usually share some wisdom or insight that I have about life in general, and here is tonight’s tidbit.

Don’t catch cold.

I’m going to medicate myself and go lie down now. Theoretically I have a radio show tomorrow night, but we’ll see how that transpires.

Cold Report


The cold is getting worse. I feel mostly fine, just run down – but my voice is completely gone. I couldn’t do my radio show tonight because of it. I should have spent more time in bed today, although I didn’t really do that much today, so technically I took it easy. But I think tomorrow is going to have me in bed more than I was today. When I stop to think about it, I really do feel unwell, and I should listen to my body when it says to sleep. Which is what it’s doing now, so I’m calling it a night. I doubt I’m going to have much to say tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be feeling better.

Today Is My Friday


Today I went to algebra in the morning and biology in the evening. I was running on two hours of sleep, and it was all I could do to get through the day, since I had a quiz that I was studying for in biology. (I wound up sleeping most of the afternoon away. Still think I did okay on the quiz. Not perfect, but passing.) This finishes my need to leave the house for the rest of the week. There’s no plans for the weekend, save for my radio show tomorrow evening and the show I do with my wife on Saturday evening. I’m in until Monday morning, and while I do have some homework to do during those four days, I can take it easy the rest of the time.

Which is good, because I think I’m coming down with a cold.

My nose is stuffy and I have this terrible scratch in my throat that’s accompanied by a near-constant urge to cough. We thought it was allergies because I went several days without my allergy medicine, but I’ve been back on it for a couple days now and things seem to be getting slightly worse instead of better.

I am self-prescribing bed rest for as much of tomorrow as I can to try and catch up a little bit on the sleep issue. I’ve been getting somewhere around 5-6 hours of sleep a night for the past several days, and that starts to show eventually. Besides, rest will do the cold good.

Speaking of rest, I should head that way now.