October 4, 2015: Three Good Things


1. I got to spend a lot of time visiting with my best friend and his wife today. He’s also a mentor for me in the SCA, that historical re-enactment thing I do on the occasional weekend, and so we talked about ongoing projects. It’s always good to see the two of them and we don’t get to see them enough.

2. In today’s edition of Sportsball, my baseball team managed to lose both their game and the division today, and yet still clinched the last wild-card spot in the playoffs. (Any baseball fan worth his salt should REALLY know who my team is at this point.) And in a lovely bonus, my football team won today, and is one of the few undefeated teams left in the league after four weeks.

3. I still have a couple of things left to do, but it’s an almost certainty that I will complete my seventh straight day of completing my checklist, making this my longest streak ever under any circumstances. From here on out, any extension of the streak will be filed under “bonus good things” after I list my three for the day.


October 3, 2015: Three Good Things


1. I like sports, enough to follow how my teams are doing over the Internet but not enough to either subscribe to cable or go to a sports bar or a friend’s to watch the games. Baseball season is winding down, and the closest thing I have to a team is fighting for a spot in the playoffs. For the last several days, things have transpired exactly as they’ve needed to for them to stay in the division race with one more game remaining tomorrow. (Baseball fans should be able to figure out “my team” from that little description.) Go team! Sports well!

2. I had a friend over tonight for our radio show. We had a good time, there were many hi-jinx, and there was a Kahlua crazy cake, made without eggs or milk, but with a TON of boozahol. One tiny piece, about an inch and a half square, gave me a tiny little buzz.

3. Today is day six of total completion of my checklist. This equals my longest string ever (remember, the only other time I did this was during a time when I had one optional check mark that was completed twice and not applicable four times during the string). If I complete my checklist tomorrow, I will have a solid week of compliance, make it one of my three good things one last time, and then drop it to “bonus item” status, since for the past few days it’s really been “two good things plus the checklist.” I’d like to try and look further than “I did everything I was supposed to” for the good in my life.

October 2, 2015: Three Good Things


1. I managed to make it through the store for a week’s worth of grocery shopping without getting anxious! (Granted, it was late at night, but it’s kind of hit or miss as to whether it’s busy at our store at the hour we went.)

2. Speaking of anxiety, I managed to make it through the entire day without any anxiety at all today. I was flirting on the edges briefly during parts, but I handled it well.

3. I extended my checklist completion streak to five straight days today!

October 1, 2015: Three Good Things


1. My blood pressure has been steadily creeping higher and higher, to the point that I feel compelled to bring it to the attention of my doctor when I see her in a couple weeks. However, it seems that my sedentary lifestyle is affecting it more than I really want it to. My evening blood pressure, a couple hours after my walk, was lower than its been in days.

2. One of the restaurants that my wife and I used to frequent closed a few months ago and was reopened by the same company with a different name and menu. Apparently the experiment wasn’t successful, as I discovered tonight on their website that they’ve reopened as the original restaurant again. They have good burgers on site-baked buns with incredible fries for pretty cheap. (Yeah, I know it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but everyone needs a cheat day.)

3. Looks like I’ll be extending my streak of complete days to four. Given how completely out of energy I was a couple months ago, getting back to this stage is exciting for me. It also is convincing me more and more that the medication I was missing had a lot to do with the downswing.

September 30, 2015: Three Good Things


1. I got a chance to use a coping skill today while waiting for the car to be repaired. When I walked into the large waiting area, there was a woman speaking loudly on the phone in a foreign language. I have nothing against that, but because I didn’t understand what she was saying, and because she was speaking so loudly, it became cacophonous quickly. At the table behind this lady, there was another woman on her phone. This woman was speaking softly on her phone – okay, well, not ON it, AT it, because she had it on speakerphone and the volume was turned up as high as I think it could possibly go. There was very little conversation going on between the woman and the person on the other end of the phone – mostly because the other end of the phone was a constant barrage of two children playing as noisily as they could, up to and including screaming at one another. Both of these conversations went on simultaneously for over 45 minutes, and I was rapidly approaching sensory overload, to the point that I almost – almost – swallowed that part of me that is terrified of confrontation to go ask the woman to please take her call off speakerphone. Being so agitated, I did the only thing I knew to do – I went in the bathroom and hid for about ten minutes until my nerves were less frayed. (To be clear, I wasn’t agitated at the woman speaking loudly – some people just have a voice that carries – but subjecting an entire waiting area full of people to 45 minutes of screaming children blasted through a tinny sounding phone speaker was just downright rude.) Managed to survive just fine and both conversations ended within five minutes of one another, leaving the waiting room almost eerily quiet for the rest of my stay. (TL;DR: I got sensory overload and used a coping skill to combat it.)

2. My recall on the first portion of the poem that I’m performing next month is just slightly rusty today. I recited the verse that I’ve memorized (there are four) to my wife, hesitated on a line, handed her the poem without looking, then went out on a limb and tried what I thought was the line. I was correct, so technically, despite the bobble, I can still remember it after a day.

3. Today will be the third straight day that I’ve completed my checklist in its entirety. The last time this happened was during a period when I had “commute” on my checklist, something that I didn’t do every day. If I didn’t drive my wife to work that day, I just marked it as non-applicable and considered doing everything else as a complete day. This was over ten months ago. This is the first time in the eleven months that I’ve been keeping this checklist that I’ve straight up done everything for the day for three days running. I’m rather proud of that.

September 29, 2015: Three Good Things


Didn’t I just do this yesterday? Anyway, here goes.

1. I managed to find the silver lining in a pretty pricey and unexpected car repair bill. At least we’ll be buying tires two at a time now instead of all four at once.

2. I had an easier time of getting everything on my checklist done today. I forget how much easier this is when you’re on a roll.

3. For the first time in years, I started the process of committing a new piece of poetry to memory. I’ve had months of lead time for this piece, but I wanted to wait until now – roughly 2-3 weeks before the performance – to begin this process. It allows me to slowly digest the piece little by little, memorizing it a few lines at a time, and extending the amount of what I can recall by small bits until I can recite the entire piece from memory. Once that’s done, I can begin work on inflection, bringing out the emotion that’s buried in the piece, by reciting it over and over again until I’m sure the version that I have in my head is the best possible version that I can perform. And usually by the time that occurs, I’m only a few days away from the performance, so the piece at its finest is still fresh in my mind come time to perform. I’ve missed this process, and over the past few years my memory has proven to be less reliable, so I’m going to be spending a little bit more time on it than I normally would, by increasing the time I work on it each day by a few minutes more than I used to do.

September 28, 2015: Three Good Things


Been a while. Let’s do this.

1. I went walking today. The good part was the very sweet pit bull that I met on the trail. She came over and let me skritch her for a minute before padding back to her daddy.

2. For the first time in a while, I had the energy to get through the day without a nap.

3. For the first time in months, I hit everything on my daily checklist.