About My Categories


The Beatles Drop-T logo was designed by Ivor Arbiter and is a registered trademark of Apple Corps.

I’m a big music fan. The fact that I’ve been a DJ at both a commercial and volunteer terrestrial radio station, as well as an Internet-based one, should attest to that. I have a special place in my heart for the Beatles, and my category titles attest to that. This page should explain more about what they’re all about.

A Day in the Life: Posts that deal with the current day’s events, experiences, feelings, or what have you.

A Hard Day’s Night: I suffer from insomnia. These are my nighttime ramblings.

Blackbird: In which I deal with death or grief.

Carry That Weight: I am morbidly obese and my health is greatly suffering for it. I don’t want to die young. This is my weight-loss journey.

Every Little Thing: In the evenings before bed, I detail at least three good things that happened that day. This is to remind me that every good thing, no matter how little, is important.

Getting Better: I’m doing a thing! It’s a good thing! Here’s where I tell you about what I’m doing to improve my life.

Got to Get You into My Life: If the post deals with something I need to recall easily until my memory picks up the slack, it’ll fall under this category.

It’s All Too Much: These posts focus on the downside of my symptoms – depression, hopelessness, etc.

Magical Mystery Tour: This is where I expound on the weirdnesses of my life – my geeky hobbies, my quirky sense of humor, my unconventional lifestyle.

Paperback Writer: I’m a budding writer. In this category, you can find my short stories and other works of fiction.

Revolution: From time to time I’ll get political. Those posts are going to be found here.

Think For Yourself: I’m going back to school! Follow along with my journey through this category.

Tomorrow Never Knows: There are times that I feel my future is less certain than others. Here’s where I confront my fears about and share my hopes for the future.

We Can Work It Out: Here is where I discuss (in broad detail) my therapy sessions: what was discussed, what homework I have, and what goals I set for myself. Rarely will posts in this category be lengthy; only when I have an epiphany will I go into a lot of detail about what was discussed. This is to protect the therapist-client relationship and also, not everything discussed in therapy needs to be made public knowledge.

With A Little Help From My Friends: I have an amazing support network and they are deserving of every thanks and shout-out I can give them. Here’s where those go.

Yesterday: A look back at my life, one tale at a time.

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