Turning a Corner


I went to the store today with my wife to get the weekly shopping done, which was considerably more than we normally get due to needing a lot of occasional purchases like cat litter and parchment paper, and stuff for Fourth of July potlucks. We were in the store for a while, and I never once felt nervous or anxious. In fact, I was striking up conversations with the folks that we ran into and that my wife knows better than I do.

It was a little later on this afternoon that it dawned on me that I was almost outgoing at the store. I felt fine, there was no distress at all. I’m not used to this. But it’s a great feeling. Is this what normal feels like? Not stressing over every little thing that could happen whenever you’re out of the house for any reason? I could get used to this.

The afternoon and evening have been spent with Secret World Legends (you might have guessed) and the story is getting more and more intense. I think I know what I’ll find at the end of the current main story line, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I was right. I’m being careful to pick up every side mission along the way, as they add lots of flavor and richness to the story and environment.