All Good Things …


… must come to an end. I forgot to take my blood pressure last night. My streak of achieving full marks on my checklist has been broken. I made it 84 straight days, almost three whole months. During that streak I kept it alive during days when I was particularly busy, and even did so during an emergency trip to North Carolina to be with my mother in intensive care. I’m very proud of that streak, and I’m sad that it’s ended.

However, this means that the pressure to maintain a long streak during the Phoenix trip is over, although I’m still going to make every effort to keep it going. If I don’t get to something due to family obligations, I don’t get to it. But when I come home from Phoenix, I can begin working in earnest on a new streak.

There was a point in time when it seemed that achieving full marks was nearly an impossibility. My mind told me that it was hard, and so I treated it like it was hard. It’s a challenge, to be sure. It’s not always easy to come up with something to write as a blog post, for instance. But this streak of 84 days has taught me that it isn’t necessarily hard – just challenging. And I can use a little challenge in my life.