A Quick Potential Hurray


I have a mostly arbitrary deadline that I’m trying to make before 11 am Monday morning and I have a long way to go before I hit it, so I’m going to keep this (and likely tomorrow’s post) short and sweet.

Today, if I complete full marks on my checklist, will be the twelfth day in a row that I’ve done that. That will tie my record. I’m on track to make it again today, so once I sign off here it’s out for a walk to get my exercise in. Then the rest of the day is pretty simple, just waiting for items that are linked to a specific time of day to arrive.

It’s funny, whenever I’m not completing my checklists I see full marks as a challenge, a hard thing to achieve, and yet when I’m in the middle of a streak like this, I wonder what the big deal is, and why I’m not doing this every day.

So potentially yay me for tying my record. I’ll report in tomorrow and let you know how I did.