A Change of Sorts


After some introspection, I have decided to retire the Three Good Things feature of this blog, effective immediately. In its place, I will be looking for no less than five good things that happen throughout my week, and post them on Sundays as part of my regular writing exercise.

This change allows me to still look for the positive things in my life without the pressure of having to find multiple things on a daily basis, something that was beginning to weigh heavily on me, like a chore instead of a celebration. That effectively negated the intent of the exercise. In addition, repetition of content was becoming more and more commonplace, as I would often use my daily blog post to write in detail about something good and then summarize that same item later in the day in a second blog post, something that was feeling more and more like overkill.

I look forward to this new format of sharing the good in my life in a way that allows me to celebrate these incidents once more.