The Frustrations Continue


I had a radio show tonight that was interrupted three times by connection failures. The person who was on following me was so stymied by her inability to stay connected to the broadcast server that she eventually threw in the towel and let an automatic streamhold cover the station.

Later on in the evening, I played a video that just – would – not – load. It was a short video, maybe 2:45 in length, but it took me over ten minutes to watch it in what wound up being short, second long spurts.

The connection at my end isn’t the problem. I’ve been testing and testing the connection and it’s always strong. It just seems that every website that I’m trying to connect to today is loading slowly or not at all. On the heels of all the other problems that I’ve been having with my connection, I’m really getting tired of this.

However, today’s been generally good, despite the Internet issues. More on that in a few minutes, in my usual Three Good Things post.

October 7, 2015: Three Good Things


1. I was exceptionally productive around the house. I started in with a to-do list of four items and kept adding to it and crossing things off as I had the energy to get things done.

2. I think we’ve fixed the internet issues we were once having. We’re now regularly clocking 27/28 Mbps down and around 5.75 Mbps up.

3. I made a joke about not having dinner on the table when my wife came home. Rather than panic about the imperfection, I embraced it, something that I rarely do.

Bonus: today is day ten of complete checklists.